Short-term initiatives:



Long-term agenda:

  • ​Preserving our future through systemic change at the state level

  • ​Lobbying our representatives and holding elected officials accountable for their actions 

  • Multi-issue advocacy to ensure equity for all; liberation of one system is tied to the liberation of another 

  • Change is incremental; our actions are aimed at a variety of awareness, educational, and policy initiatives ​

  • Ensuring that advocacy is accessible

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Our current project agenda is two-fold, consisting of short-term initiatives and more general long-term goals. 

Triangle People Power (TPP) is a youth-run branch of People Power, the ACLU's grassroots movement. We are based on the Reverse Triangle model of power, and we advocate for a variety of civil liberties; our activism is intersectional. TPP is based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, but our projects are state- and region-wide.

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