Our vision is a North Carolina with less systemic injustices, tangible plans for equity, and active youth leadership. In essence, we want to preserve our own future. 


  • Black lives matter

  • Climate change is urgent and must be acted upon now

  • Marginalized communities are at the forefront of every issue 

  • We must learn while advocating 

  • Systems of privilege permeate our lives 

  • Allyship is important — we cannot be the mouthpiece of a community that isn’t our own 

  • A woman has the right to choose 

  • LGBTQ+ is beautiful

  • Bodies should not be criminalized 

  • Racism is institutionalized 

  • Equity is achievable 

  • Indigenous rights are human rights 

  • No human is illegal 


These statements guide where we choose to invest our time and effort.


Triangle People Power strives to liberate the systems in place to repress minorities through youth leadership and exchanges between frontline community members and grassroots activists. It is a team of geographically, demographically and grade-level diverse high school students engaging in civil liberties, justice, and equity work through learning and coordinating events. As a youth chapter of People Power, Triangle People Power is based in and works mostly on issues in North Carolina, specifically injustices affecting marginalized communities. However, TPP can serve as a model for other high school activist groups throughout the United States in its ability and willingness to serve and work with the local community. 

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Triangle People Power (TPP) is a youth-run branch of People Power, the ACLU's grassroots movement. We are based on the Reverse Triangle model of power, and we advocate for a variety of civil liberties; our activism is intersectional. TPP is based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, but our projects are state- and region-wide.

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