We are fighting to preserve civil liberties for the most marginalized of populations while being mindful of our own roles in this world. We specifically emphasize the intersectionality of advocacy and ask important questions about allyship, support, and inclusion.  

Triangle People Power was formed by Lily Levin and Sarah Beck (at the time, two high school juniors) after the 2017 ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute. We focus on a variety of civil liberties, especially those which concern North Carolina.
Our work does not pertain to one issue specifically; we advocate for any and all civil liberties targeted by those in power and impacting under-represented and marginalized groups of people. Those of us with privilege recognize that — and know that — we must be activists and expand our worldview simultaneously.  
We meet virtually and in-person approx. once every two weeks. We have around 25 members spanning from Charlotte to Clayton.

Additionally, Triangle People Power is a branch of the larger nonprofit organization known as People Power. We work on issues of racial justice, immigration reform, prison reform, and other civil liberties — all of which are a part of the ACLU's grassroots agenda. However, we are People Power volunteers; we do not speak on behalf of the ACLU.

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You can still join TPP, of course (anybody can!). However, we understand that you're likely called to create change in your own community, too. To help you start your own People Power chapter, we've put together a guide outlining the basics of organizing, team-building, fundraising and more. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Triangle People Power (TPP) is a youth-run branch of People Power, the ACLU's grassroots movement. We are based on the Reverse Triangle model of power, and we advocate for a variety of civil liberties; our activism is intersectional. TPP is based in the Triangle area of North Carolina, but our projects are state- and region-wide.

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Feel free to reach out to us at tripeoplepower@gmail.com or through our social media pages.

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